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About Us

Our Story

Balance Now launched in 2017 but the business concept started back in 2011.

Co-founders Susan and Tim have been working together in corporate leadership roles for many years.  Leading large businesses in the male-dominated world of financial markets, they experienced first-hand the challenges and frustration of creating diverse teams.

In 2011, they decided to team up and take their businesses from 15% women to gender parity.  At times they felt the weight and disenchantment of competing priorities, a deeply entrenched culture and some early failures.  Yet Susan and Tim persisted.  This wasn’t driven by altruism or a passion for doing the right thing, it was an acknowledgment that in a highly competitive, digitised, disrupted market, a team who only knew one way of thinking weren’t going to deliver growth.

Using a combination of initiatives, research and a lot of trial and error, Susan and Tim worked out how to create change.   They also enjoyed the subsequent growth in revenue, market share, team engagement and innovation.  As their portfolios and teams grew, they were able replicate the success and started to realise their unique skills could make a broader impact.

Susan and Tim realised many leaders and organisations across Australia were confident in the “Why” but struggling with the “How”.   This inspired them to leave the corporate world and transform their learnings into Balance Now.

Our Values

  1. WOW people in everything we do

    We treat every interaction as an opportunity to surprise and impress.
  2. Blaze new trails

    We have the courage to pioneer new approaches and ideas. Even when it’s hard.
  3. The facts underpin every conversation

    We focus on the facts. Data-driven insight allows us to breakthrough bias, find common ground and make good decisions.
  4. It doesn't get better than this

    We only hire the best. We are more than exceptional leaders and experts, we are good people and our clients love working with us. Our workplace is that once in a lifetime adventure you never want to leave.

Our Team

Our Coaches

Every Balance Now client works with a dedicated executive coach. This coach will be with you every step of the way, from insight, to action and then to results. Our accredited coaches are exceptional leaders and know how to make change happen. You can expect our coaches to have:

Over 10 years’ experience as a successful business leader with strong commercial acumen

A track record in leading diverse teams with high engagement

Deep expertise in change management

Gravitas, empathy and the ability to succeed in any environment

Courage and strength in their convictions

Influence, with the ability to achieve outcomes

Our Founders

Meet the business leaders behind Balance Now. You will find they love what they do, are passionate about changing workplaces, and understand what it takes to lead in complex challenging environments.

Susan Jansen

Co-Founder and Director

Susan is a senior executive who knows how to turn ideas into reality.  For the past 20 years her passion for travel and challenge led her to exciting roles across a variety of industries, functions and countries.

Susan specialises in creating workplaces people love coming to,  digitising businesses and delivering growth through change.

When she’s not changing the world you will find Susan drinking a G&T in a shady spot on a hot summer day, sailing in beautiful locations or binge-watching her favourite HBO shows.

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Susan Jansen

Co-Founder and Director

Susan is Co-Founder and Director at Balance Now.  Susan partners with clients to turn talk into action on gender equality.

Susan has 20 years’ experience leading and transforming businesses.

Susan emerged from the sleepy suburbs of Canberra, a wide eyed Accenture graduate ready for adventure. Along the way she made bold choices. By moving countries, industries and constantly taking on daunting leadership roles, she has a huge rolodex of experiences and relationships to tap into.

Having spent the last 10 years leading large businesses in financial markets, Susan knows how to create diverse teams in the toughest of environments.  She spent years designing and trialling different ideas, achieving 50/50 at all levels of leadership. It was this experience and knowledge that lead to the creation of Balance Now.

Prior to sales leadership, Susan spent 10 years running transformation projects at Rabobank International, Canon Europe and Accenture.

Susan is an IECL accredited coach, graduate member of the AICD and studied Economics and Commerce at the ANU.

Susan likes a G&T in a shady spot a hot summer day, sailing in beautiful locations and is infamous for losing her wallet/keys/handbag on a daily basis.

Tim Keith

Co-Founder and Director

Tim is a successful executive who knows what works in business and what doesn’t. He understands that having diverse & inclusive teams is important to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Tim is a straight-talker.  He delivers sharp focus on what matters and is able to find a way forward to deliver results. Tim is inspired by the impact men can have on building diverse businesses for the future.

When he isn’t working, Tim often gets mistaken for Steve Waugh.  He likes that.  Tim is also famous for his contagious (loud) laugh that can penetrate any meeting room wall.

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Tim Keith

Co-Founder and Director

Prior to starting Balance Now, Tim was a senior executive in financial services for over two decades.  He has lead large global businesses across various countries.  Results driven and successful, Tim knows how to get things done.

In his various banking roles & global business roaming, Tim met with 1000s of customers and he understands the traits of successful businesses.  Apart from the critical need to digitise and effectively utilise technology, he understands that having diverse & inclusive teams is the most important component of long term business success.

Tim has degrees in both Agriculture & Economics, is an IECL accredited coach, a graduate member of the AICD currently serving on the boards of not for profit, Make A Difference and an innovative aquaculture company, Australian Bay Lobster Producers Ltd.