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Can Technology Solve for Diversity and Inclusion?

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  • 24 October
  • by Susan Jansen
  • Lead

There is no silver bullet to achieve diversity & inclusion. No magic wand. No single organisation or platform that has all the solutions.

So, while the opportunity is enormous, making progress can be hard.  It’s about finding and bringing together all the parts of a jigsaw puzzle to deliver change.

This has been a big lesson.  It inspired us to start finding and connecting with the most innovative organisations in the world, who each deliver their own part of the puzzle.

Today we hosted a wonderful event for our clients where 5 CEOs shared their stories and solutions.  We want to thank them and share with you the 5 most exciting and effective platforms to help you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


1. Applied – Hire smarter, fairer and easier

What it does:

  • Removes bias from the recruitment process
  • Assesses candidates using tasks they would need to perform on the job
  • Provides personalised candidate feedback on strengths and weaknesses
  • Reduces hiring time by 2/3 and sources 300% more diverse candidates




2. Mentorloop – Mentoring reimagined, accessible to everyone

What it does:

  • Signs mentors and mentees up, instantly
  • Creates ideal mentee-mentor matches
  • Makes mentor-mentee matches engaging and productive
  • Increases program engagement and guarantees better outcomes
  • Measures and reports on program health and organisational outcomes
  • Takes the administrative burden off organisations


3. AllVoices – Speak up, without consequences

What it does:

  • Anonymously report bias, harassment or culture issues in a safe environment
  • Anonymised data is sent directly to leadership, to take proactive action
  • AllVoices follows up to ensure change is delivered


circle in

4. CircleIn – Reinventing Parental Leave for Organisations

What it does:

  • Innovative Stay in Touch Program
  • Online masterclasses
  • Community chat
  • Powerful data & analytics

5. MATE – Be someone who does something

What it does:

  • Bystander intervention program
  • This is the only evidence supported initiative that reduces sexual harassment
  • Real world scenarios allowing participants to put the framework into practice
  • Cultural change workshops


We were inspired by what we heard today. It’s a privilege to be working with such great people and organisations.

At Balance Now, we understand the puzzle and are experts at putting all the pieces together.  If you’d like help to deliver change in your organisation, or are interested in our future events, we’d love to chat to you. 


Balance Now is the only D&I advisory in Australia run by business leaders who have successfully delivered 50/50 gender balance in the toughest male-dominated environments.  Every day, we help organisations do the same.

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